Sunday, July 5, 2009

The incomplete jigsaw

*This blog entry has been written out of DEEPEST emotions,so please ignore any lags in the write-up due to emotions*
Have you ever missed someone?I am sure any person of any age,at some time,has missed someone or the other,be it your parents,your siblings or your friends.
It IS rather a very difficult situation when you miss someone.It is the time we actually act crazy,when we start crying listening to those soft songs with lyrics that seem just right.It feels like somebody has a hammer just above your heart,and it keeps on hitting your heart.*thud* *thud* *thud*
The pain keeps on increasing.The more you think,the more you get hurt.How much you feel at that,that very moment that your life is a jigsaw,and it would have been complete,only if that one person,that very person was present...
It is the time when the world around you becomes non-existent.
When you curse circumstances.
Missing someone is indeed a slow poison,the more you think of the person,the more you miss that person,which in a while overtakes our crude mind and takes us through a flash of moments you spent with that person,till the pain of separtion becomes unbearable and the bloody tearducts lose control.
This is the time when you realize what the person means to you.
And I have released my emotions on this virtual paper,feeling a bit better.

My parents,my sister rishima,ridhima didi,rikita didi,mudit,rahil,tejvir,rahul,parul;I love you guys. <3

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The gold coin

I sat down thinking what today's entry should be.Twenty minutes.No idea.I switched on the TV,a cheap comedy show *click* local news channel with a man reporting an accident somewhere *I can't hear you,come again* *sorry we lost our connection with our correspondant,we will be back shortly *click* Tom and Jerry.It brought a smile to my face.Everyone knows the story,the cat runs after the mouse,the mouse always manages to escape.It is ironical that both have human nature,crave,jealousy,love,hate,anger.And why all the fight?The god damned cheese!The rat race is on in the human world too.All of us,working for hours and hours,having headaches,taking a strong medicine,working again,coming home late from work,skipping lunches,skipping those parties,what for?the gold coin.All of us want it,but it is not so easy to get.So people fuck up their entire life for it,some even grab one of those *bang* *bang* things and kill for it.I know it's a utopian vision,but what if there was no race at all,no fighting for the coin.What if there was no gold coin?Yes,life would have been easier.No rich poor.No coming late to home.No tension.No deadlines to be met with.How I wish. *sigh*
What if the devil who created the gold coin,smiles to himself that he was successful to create imbalance in our lives by just a gold coin?
I would like to conclude with B.J Armstrong's words:
"do you know what we are fighting for;
When it's not we are dying for;
Does it take your breath away,and you feel we are suffocated? "

My first blog entry

Hi.I am Soumil Mahajan,a guy-next-door kind of a guy.Happy go lucky,I try and give things a humourous perspective,just to make things easier.Yes,you may call me an escapist,but then,who can handle all those burdens in a teenager's life!so,here I am,writing my first blog,and I am already craving for comments,human nature.I would like to mention this friend of mine,(the best of the best) who inspired me to write.This is for you,PDB.
Signing out for now,
P.S.-don't think about the title of the blog much.It's a title of a song by THE band-Green Day.Couldn't think of a title at the moment!